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Regular Season Vendors*
*check newsletter and instagram for list of vendors in attendance each market

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Apple Ridge Farm

Apple Ridge Farm is a sustainable 7 acre farm located in Monroe County, PA. At the Wrightstown Market Apple Ridge shows up with sourdough breads and baked goods from their wood-fired brick oven bakery, farmer fuel granola, along with pasture raised chickens, eggs, and chicken pot pies made with their own chicken and vegetables.
Address: 1198 Pennel Road Saylorsburg, PA 18353
Phone: 610-381-6152

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BCS Compost

Our goal is simple – we want to make it as easy as possible for every person and business to convert their organic waste to soil by providing easy at-home and in-office services.

BCS Compost is a curbside composting service that collects food waste and other organic material from residential and commercial businesses.
All material collected is diverted from landfills and composted into rich organic nutrient dense soil that is given back to customers or donated to community gardens. We aim to help communities reduce their carbon footprint and regenerate existing systems towards full health.

Throughout these past few years, BCS founder Brian Schneider has worked with composters, farmers and business owners gaining valuable knowledge and learning how truly beneficial composting can be to our environment and community. We are fighting an uphill battle to change our environmental issues but the little bit more we do every day as an individual, family and community we can make a huge difference.

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Blooming Glen Farm

Blooming Glen Farm- Perkasie, Pa
Farmers- Tricia Borneman and Tom Murtha

​Blooming Glen Farm is a 40 acre certified organic vegetable farm growing organic vegetables, fruits, and flowers on preserved farmland in Upper Bucks County, PA in Hilltown Township, Perkasie.

Blooming Glen Farm was founded in 2006, and is a reflection of the experience and dedication of farmers and owners Tom Murtha and Tricia Borneman. Tom and Tricia have been farming together since 2000, and together have almost 40 years of farm experience between them. They returned to Bucks County where Tricia grew up (just down the road from the Wrightstown Farmers market in Pineville) because they are committed to preserving and encouraging the rich agricultural heritage of this region through organic farming practices which enrich the soil and protect our water and air.

Blooming Glen Farm grows over 75 different varieties of vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs. We market our produce through our 300-member CSA with both on farm pick-up and delivery shares, at our on-farm seasonal roadstand, to local restaurants and natural food stores, and at the seasonal Headhouse Farmers' Market on Sundays in Philadelphia, and the Wrightstown Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings in Bucks County.

Blooming Glen Farm is founded on the philosophy that strong healthy communities have a direct relationship with the land and with the source of their food. We share with our customers the stories of our day to day farming journey, a story in which “work is love made visible”. Our farm is built on intimate relationships with our customers and on the philosophy that growing organic food does not have to mean a sacrifice in food quality; in reality it really means an increase in quality. We strongly believe that a healthy soil food web results in healthy nutrient-dense crops, which in turn translates to healthy vibrant people.
Come see us at Wrightstown Farmers Market! Come share the harvest and savor the farm fresh flavors. We are experienced farmers dedicated to quality and integrity. We take care of the land, so the land takes care of you!

Instagram: bloomingglenfarm
Phone:(215) 257-2566

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Bonjour Creperie

Bonjour Creperie is a local food truck that specializes in true Brittany style French crepes. We offer both Savory & Sweet and when at farmers markets you will find our menu packed with breakfast, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options! We strive to use local and organic ingredients when available

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BowlFace was born out of a love of travel and food. Our experiences of different cultures and foods while traveling inspired us to create unique, seasonal fresh soups, dips and dressing's made from locally sourced produce that would be both nutritious and delicious

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Bucks County Cookie Company

Small batch all butter Bakery with such daily goodies as scones, Shortbread Cookies in many delicious flavors, biscotti, a variety of excellent loaf cakes, Thin & Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies, Big Chewy Cookies, Biscotti, Granola, Scones and much more!

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Burek by Zeni

Burek is a family of baked filled pastries made of a thin flaky dough known as phyllo, traditionally found in the cuisines of the Balkans.

The dough is made from scratch with fresh locally grown ingredients when in season and the fillings vary from spinach and cheese, mixed veggies and cheese to ground beef and potatoes, ground beef and beans, etc.

Burek by Zeni also bake trays of several other delicious Italian and Greek recipes such as:
-Moussaka (baked eggplant and potato slices layered with meat sauce and besciamella sauce)
-Traditional Lasagna and vegetarian Lasagna (both made completely from scratch for an explosive mouthwatering authentic experience for both meat eaters and vegetarian customers - fun fact: they have lived in Italy for 15 years and have acquired some of the best and most authentic recipes)
-Homemade from scratch gnocchi and much more.

Find them on instagram @burekbyzeni.To pre-order the weekly special, call Zeni or Almira at 215.303.2298 or email

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Community Baptist Church Farm

Naturally grown southern variety of delicious vegetables; Okra, Peas, Tomatoes, Golden Zucchini, Squash, Cabbage, Butter Beans, Peppers and String Beans.

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Free Will Brewing

In operation since 2012 in their hometown of Perkasie where you can find their taproom, brewing operations, barrel house, and event hall along with plentiful outdoor seating in their front lawn, courtyard, and beer garden. Their second location in Lahaska opened in 2016 in the heart of Peddlers village. With their vast variety of beer they are positive they can please anyone’s pallet!

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Fulper Family Farmstead

Fresh Ricotta, Farmhouse Aged Cheddar, Non-homogenized Plain and Vanilla Yogurt, Mango Drinkable Yogurt, Feta, Milk, Cream, Fresh Mozzarella, Crushed Red Pepper and Parsely Mozzarella String Cheese, Nigella Seed Mozzarella String Cheese.

(609) 651-5991

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Helpful Foodie

Helpful Foodie is an organic meal delivery service that uses local Bucks and Mercer county farms to procure the best produce and proteins around. Chef Casey aims to make wonderful connections with the farmers. Helpful Foodie prepares delicious seasonal healthier meals that are well proportioned and can be accommodated to any diet. Helpful Foodie tries to reduce their carbon footprint by delivering to you in a hybrid vehicle, turning our scraps into compost or pig feed, and using only recycled material or containers made from wild grass.

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Holben Valley Farm

Holben Valley Farm has been family owned and operated for over 65 years with the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th generation of farmers currently maintaining the daily operations. The farm is nestled on 130+ acres along Holbens Valley Road in scenic Weisenberg Township, Lehigh County. Our beef cattle are 100% pasture raised and grass fed. No growth hormones or steroids are ever used. We have a closed herd, meaning our cattle are born and raised on our own pastures which means there is no need for antibiotics.
100% grass fed beef has many health benefits including increased CLA and Omega 3s and making the lifestyle change to pastured beef has clear health benefits over conventionally raised meats. Our beef is dry aged for 14 days which intensifies the flavor and tenderizes it as well.

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Honey Hills Apiary

Local beekeepers in Langhorne, PA providing local raw honey from their own hives, all of which are located in the lower part of Bucks County. They also carry other varies of locally sourced honey such as Buckwheat, Cranberry blossom, and Blueberry blossom as well as bee pollen. They enjoy educating the public about the benefits of all that the honey bees produce and the importance of their existence. We also have homage lip balms and lotion bars as well, all made from the products the bees produce in the hive. Pre packaged honey make great gifts. Pre-orders accepted. Contact: 215-284-9138 or

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Jersey Pickles

A family business that is dedicated to the production and fermentation of vegetables. Pickles are a traditional side to every meal, whether it’s a panini or a burger or, of course, on a hot dog! Jersey Pickles family continues this American tradition by introducing new flavors and tastes to local farmers markets.

We offer a variety of different types of pickles, sweet horseradish, bread and butter, sweet chilly chips, cucumber salad, hot and spicy, firecracker chips, full sour, half sour/new pickles, pickle tomato and much more! We also serve olives mixes, stuffed with garlic, jalapeños. We have Greek, Spanish, Italian olives, all fresh and delicious.

Jersey Pickles is also known for having excellent sundried tomatoes, roasted garlic and our special South African peppers (peppadews peppers ).

Jersey pickles offers samples for all of our products so our customers known how good our items are!

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Macungie Mountain Herb Farm

Macungie Mountain Herb Farm is both a five-acre farm at the top of Macungie Mountain and a mobile beverage stand that brings authentic, fresh locally made drinks and prepared foods to a farmers market or event near you.

Our mission is to connect people to the calming, refreshing and healing influence of the earth through the aromas and tastes of locally grown herbal teas, fresh squeezed lemonade and “high vibrational” prepared foods.” We provide dried and prepared home grown, artisan herbal teas and fresh squeezed lemonade with herbal, floral and fruit infusions that will "quench your senses” and soups, sandwiches and baked goods that are freshly made from scratch (with love.)

Joyce explains what using herbs means to her, "To me herbs awaken the senses and make a person feel alive. I planted many of these herbs years ago because I am enchanted by the way they smell. Later I learned about the healing properties of herbs and flower essences which I find quite amazing. If you research any given herb from fennel to mint, you will find that these plants not only smell and taste great, but that they can play an important role in maintaining your good health."




Contact Joyce Marin at 917-288-3936

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Marie's Soap Co.

All Natural and handcrafted in beautiful Bucks County, PA. Soaps are made with plant-based oils, shea and cocoa butters, herbs, spices, seeds, vitamins E & C and scented with essential oils.

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Our rich, aromatic olive oil is crafted from the ripest Ancient Chemlali and Chetoui olives, handpicked in Central Tunisia. The olives are organically grown and sustainably harvested and are always cold processed to preserve their natural antioxidants.

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Milk House Farm Market

​Milk House Farm Market established in 2007 by Brenda Slack, a 4th generation farmer of the Slack family. Our farm was established in 1850 and was operated as a dairy farm until 1988. Brenda is the first generation to grow fruits and vegetables on the farm. The Slack family farms 120 acres, 30 of which are for vegetables and fruit. The other 90 acres are dedicated to corn, grains, and hay for animal consumption. The family has decided to preserve the farm to ensure its use for agricultural purposes for years to come. Milk House Farm Market produces eggs, produce, flowers, pumpkins and fall decorations. We also pasture raise chickens, ducks and turkeys for meat. We are spray free for most our produce except Sweet Corn, and our animals are raised without antibiotics, chemicals, medications or GMO's. Our farm is open to the public every day of the year and encourages you to come see where your food comes from. Call us at 215-852-4305.

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Nord Bread

Nord bread is a local husband and wife baking team that specializes in sourdough based products. They offer five different bread flavors per month in addition to focaccia, baguettes, and cardamom buns. They use fresh, local ingredients and always organic when available. They never use commercial yeast and they utilize a 24 hour cold proof method that makes their products highly digestible for people with gluten sensitivities. Follow them on Instagram (@nordbread) and like them on Facebook.

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Noshes by Sherri

The home of authentic Jewish baked goods, both sweet & savory. Home to the famous Jewish Apple Cake packed with fresh locally sourced hand picked apples sprinkled in cinnamon sugar. Other fan favorites include Chocolate Chip Mandel Bread, Pumpkin Spice, and Lemon Poppy Seed - shaped like a biscotti but with the crunch of a cookie, and their savory highlight: Knishes! Potato filled pastry in 3 flavors, Potato Onion, Spinach Garlic, & Sweet Potato Pecan with brown sugar.

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Nutty Novelties LLC

Nutty Novelties exists to create the freshest, most delicious gourmet nut butters around! All high in protein, low in sugar, made in small batches, and always free of hydrogenated oil, palm oil, and preservatives.

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Poppa's Custard

Poppa’s Custard Company was founded in Philadelphia, PA in 2020 as our family, like many others, grappled with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The turmoil of the year put what really matters into sharp focus for us. An uncomplicated mix of cream, sugar, eggs, comfort, stillness, legacy, and love. Pooling our resources and deep culinary heritage, we sought to share our simple, homemade recipes with the public. We are a proud black, and majority women-owned family business inviting you to slow down and savor life's simple pleasures with our .premium, restaurant-quality chilled dessert custard. Preorder at

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Primordia Mushroom Farm

Primordia Mushroom Farm is a family owned and operated gourmet mushroom farm in northern Berks county. In any season we are growing 8-10 varieties in our barns. Matthew and Jesse are also both certified foragers and supplement the cultivated mushrooms with locally foraged varieties. Contact us at:

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Purely Farm's Naturally Pastured-Raised Meats

​Purely Farm’s Naturally Pasture-Raised Meats specializes in pork and turkey. All of our animals are raised hormone and antibiotic free.

Purely Pork is “farrow to finish” meaning our pigs are born on the farm. Piglets remain together in individual litters and are permitted to grow as tight family units. In addition to the grass and locally grown grain ration, we supplement their diet with surplus organic produce.

Purely Turkey is available throughout most of the year as well as for Thanksgiving. From day old chicks to oven roasters, our birds are raised, grazed and processed on our farm in small batches. After leaving their brooder, turkeys forage on pasture, ensuring plenty of grass, insects, fresh air and exercise.

We believe our meats’ distinct and exceptional flavor comes from the combination of life out on pasture and a diet supplemented by mineral rich, organic non-GMO grain rations that are locally grown. We are dedicated to sustainable agriculture, the humane treatment of animals and an organic way of life.
Joanna & Marc Michini
1408 Mink Road
Ottsville, PA 18942
Phone: (215) 317-0889

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Queen Mab's Herbs

Offers home-made, seasonally appropriate, herbal tonics using organically grown plants from her gardens, local farms and the wilds. QMH is known especially for its tasty and effective herbal vinegars and cordials which aid digestion, immunity and more. As a village herbalist, Tish inspires people to embrace a gentle, nourishing, and preventative health-care using local plants, especially the abundant weeds, as part of our daily diet. As well as selling at Farmers Markets, Tish offers workshops, weed walks, and courses in herbal medicine, and membership in Queen Mab’s Herbal CSA.
Preferred Method of Customer Contact:
Cell Phone or Text: 518-461-3631

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RiverHorse Studios

Laurie Carretta Scupp is a local artist that makes functional pottery and ceramic sculptures under her business, RiverHorse Studios. She hand builds or throws her work, as well as illustrate, glaze and fire all pottery in her Doylestown studio.

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Rolling Hills Farm

Farmers: Stephanie Spock and John Squicciarino

Rolling Hills Farm is set on 15 acres of land in Lambertville, New Jersey and grows over 100 varieties of fruits, mushrooms and vegetables. We strive to grow the best food possible, using the least amount of inputs. Our vegetables, fruits and mushrooms are chemical free, hand tended, and sustainably grown, to produce a quality product that benefits both the consumers and the earth. We offer classic box shares, market shares, and fruit shares through our CSA (community supported agriculture) program. CSA pickups are available in Lambertville NJ, Washington Crossing PA, Newtown PA, and Asbury Park NJ.

We have been farming together since 2012 and founded Rolling Hills Farm in 2014. With over 16 years of farming experience between the two of us, we quickly realized our love for small scale farming after working on a large scale farm together. On a smaller scale we found it easier to grow more nutritious and beautiful produce while being good stewards of our land. Practicing a lot of season extension, every year we work hard to have even earlier and later vegetables to provide our amazing community with vegetables for as long as possible throughout the year.

Contact Info: 133 Seabrook Rd, Lambertville, NJ 08530

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Roots to River

Roots to River Farm is a small certified organic farm located in New Hope, Pennsylvania. We grow high quality produce, specializing in heirloom varieties and year-round production for farmer's markets, restaurants, CSA and our own on-farm kitchen. All of our produce is grown in Solebury PA without the use of pesticides or chemicals and with the intention of nurturing the soil and ecology of the land.

At Roots to River, we are striving to reclaim the integrity of the food system through personal connections and real food. Our team is a special mix of farmers and chefs working together to bring seasonal eating to everyone.

We love growing produce and every day as we harvest from the fields, we collect the vegetables that are too ugly or overripe to sell and set them aside for Chef Ian Knauer to make into soups, pickles, relishes, jams, sauces and cocktail mixes. This way we come very close to zero waste on the farm and Ian’s unique recipes make it so you will never find anything else like them.

In 2021 we obtained a winery license for the farm and are now making our own artisan aperitivo called Amara. Amara is a uniquely American aperitivo inspired by Spanish-style bittersweet vermouth. Grown, vinted, and bottled by hand on our farm in the Delaware River Valley from organic fennel, radicchio, and herbs. We encourage everyone to try a glass on ice and enjoy what our farm has to offer.

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Saint Rocco's Treats

Saint Rocco's Treats freshly bakes and locally makes, human-grade, meat-based, dog treats. Our treat recipes include just 5 ingredients, we deliver direct to your home, and we donate $1 to local dog rescues for every 1lb of treats sold.

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Solebury Orchards

Solebury Orchards is situated on 80 acres of the fertile soils and gentle rolling fields of central Bucks County. Brian Smith, who started the farm in 1985 and still runs it today, is passionate about growing the finest quality and most outstanding flavor fruits and continually seeks out the very best varieties. New trees planted every year ensure many productive years to come.

The Solebury Orchards Market opens in late June and continues through the end of March. Sweet and Sour Cherries and Blueberries are the first crops to ripen, followed by Apricots, Peaches, Pears, Plums, Blackberries and Apples. Throughout the summer, fall, and winter months the market is well stocked with the fruits and berries grown on the farm. Pick-Your-Own is available during Apple, Cherry, and Blueberry seasons. The orchard’s fresh pressed apple cider, cider donuts, apple sauce, apple juice, fruit butters and flowers are also popular products.

See the farm website for approximate ripening times of crops, current pick-your-own crops, directions and market hours.
3325 Creamery Rd.
New Hope, PA 18938

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Solly Farm

Our family farm has been producing a variety of fruits and vegetables since 1920. We specialize in peaches, apples, strawberries, tomatoes, melons, broccoli, peppers, pumpkins, and much more. We also bake a wide variety of pies, sweet breads, cookies, and cider donuts. We offer a CSA with several share options. Throughout the year we offer U-Pick, hayrides, breakfasts on the farm, events, and school tours. For more information you can visit our website at, find us on facebook, or call us at 215-357-2850.

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Steve's Urban Lumber

Handcrafted cutting boards from locally scoured lumber. Steve mills and dries all the wood himself

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Sugar Bottom Hemp

A full line of CBD products from the hemp we grew on our farm - without herbicides, pesticides or harmful chemicals - in Furlong, PA. We offer topicals for pain and arthritis relief; anxiety and sleep relief from our tinctures and gummies; and pet products to help with pain/arthritis or to calm through storms, fireworks, trip to the vet and more. All of our products are 3rd party tested to verify our farming methods, extraction quality and overall range of beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids in each product.

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Sugar Maple Jerseys

​Sugar Maple Jerseys is a small, registered jersey herd located in Stockton, New Jersey owned by Heidi Kovacs - a first generation dairy farmer and a single mom of two little girls. Heidi milks 35 to 40 jerseys twice a day, every day. She has small batches of cheese made by hand from her jersey milk that is sold in local stores and farmers markets. She provides consumers with high quality dairy products and pasture raised meats at an affordable price while having excellent animal care. She raises a pasture-based, primarily grass fed herd. Sugar Maple Jerseys practices management intensive grazing where Heidi moves her pastures every day and utilizes annual grasses. The milk is always antibiotic and hormone free. Heidi's offerings include: Rose Veal, Hot dogs (100% all beef), Nitrate Free Beef Jerky, Nitrate Free Meat Sticks, Handmade Butter, Handmade Cream Cheese, Goat Feta Cheese, and Cheese Curds (garlic and oil, basil and spicy)
Instagram @sugarmaplejerseys
Sugar Maple Jerseys
41 Locktown Sergeantsville Rd
Stockton NJ 08559

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The Bubbly Goat

The Bubbly Goat is a family farm in Stockton, NJ with a small herd of dairy goats. They raise LaMancha and Oberhasli along with Nigerian Dwarf goats. Each goat on their farm has a name and is a part of the family. They are milked twice a day everyday and provide us with wonderful, beneficial milk for their family and for their products. Their girls give us each about a gallon of milk a day. Much of that milk is used to make the skincare products. Every drop of milk used in our products comes directly from the goats in their pasture to the studio where their products are made right here on the farm. The Bubbly Goat makes soaps, lotions, skincare and laundry soap. We are delighted to be able to share our lives with these magical creatures that give us quality milk to make quality skincare products.

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The Coffee Scoop

Coffee Scoop 100% Organic and Fair Trade. At The Coffee Scoop we pay scrupulous attention to every detail to make sure that you are getting the best and freshest coffee available. As a small company in the highly competitive coffee industry, our success is measured by how satisfied you are with our coffee and whether you buy it again.

We offer: Freshly roasted organic coffee beans packaged in a 12oz bag. (The 2lb and 5lb bags are pre-order only), for pre-orders we want to know if the coffee needs to be ground.​

Bethani May Wright, Owner and Master Roaster
5841 Bradshaw Road, Pipersville, PA 18947

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The DogBone Guy

New Jersey raised, Grass-Fed, rBGH Growth Hormone Free Angus Beef Bones for dogs, Natural Flea-Tick Pest Repellent (chemical and pesticide free), Healing Dog Treats, (fresh baked weekly, flavors vary weekly), Bucks County Raised Organic Catnip, Natural Beeswax Nose/Paw Balm. Online at Facebook: DogBone Guy
Instagram: @dogboneguy Fast UPS Shipping Anywhere in the USA !

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The Newtown Studio

The Newtown Studio is the home based pottery studio of Blair Greiner. Local art teacher and potter. She makes small batch pottery including tableware. All of her work is dishwasher and microwave safe. Her work can be seen on instagram @thenewtownstudio

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The Pretty Everything

The Pretty Everything, which includes the Pretty Masks, was created by a mother and daughter in Bucks County Pennsylvania.

The Pretty Everything is a collection of handmade items for home and gifting. Home textiles such as napkins, tablecloths, aprons and more beautiful items for those who love to entertain. The Pretty Everything uses vintage fabrics and upcycled and sustainable items, so each item is unique and collectible.

All masks are 100% cotton, dual layer, with a filter pocket and adjustable elastic. Everything is designed and made in our studios in Bucks County. Shop small!

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Truly Pure and Natural Local

Truly Pure and Natural Local, Raw Spreadable Honey, infused with over 25 different fruits, herbs, flowers ~ Plain Local Raw Honey ~ Switzle, an American Heritage Beverage with an organic twist ~ Coconut Oils ~ Skincare ~ Handmade Soaps ~ Handcrafted Glass Drinking Straws ~ Healthy Snacks ~

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Tybuk Farm Maple Syrup

We are a small family owned farm tapping our maple trees to provide you with delicious maple syrup.

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Untamed Ferments

Many of us are familiar with the tangy drink known as kombucha, but did you know there are many other fermented drinks that offer similar benefits and experiences? Untamed Ferments is bringing more to the table: switchel, kvass, water kefir, traditional root beer... new flavors for you to try. Come learn about the exciting world of fermentation and find the drink that's right for you.

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Wholly Crepe

Vegan fresh frozen savory crepes from scratch without the use of chemicals, preservatives, additives or artificial flavors of any kind.

Rolling Hills Farm.jpg

Yia Yia's Baklava

Our Famous Traditional Baklava - Our homemade baklava is decadent with over 40+ flaky layers of buttered crispy phyllo and a center of walnuts and cinnamon. Syrup is throughout the delicious Greek Pastry.

Our Story
My mother, Christine, has always loved the art of baking. Her love for the craft began at only 5 years old! At such a young age she began learning recipes that have been in our family for over 125 years. Baklava has been served as a special treat for memorable occasions- from family gatherings to weddings, our family’s signature baklava was sure to be present!

My mom and I have always had a very special relationship, whenever I received a box of her delicious baklava I always felt like I was closer to home. Today, I am honored to be in business with my mother and to be able to share this traditional treat with the world.

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